Generated Weather Data

Understand the full distribution of weather and climate risk for the present and future climate.

With two ways to access our data:


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Thousands of example weather and climate scenarios for past, present, and future climates

We generate weather and climate patterns that can impact your business, so you have a complete picture of weather and climate risk.

You can think of it this way: what if the year 2023 happened a thousand times?

Because the climate is chaotic, only a few of all the possible weather and climate patterns happen every year. But, if the year 2023 happened a thousand times, we would experience most of the possible patterns.

We model these thousand possibilities for each year of the past and future century.

These data enable you to...

  • Model return periods for weather and climate extremes
  • Train statistical models on a more extensive observational record
  • Compare past, present, and future climate risk